Meet Rosina

Hello, I’m Rosina!
Getting to know new people, as well as my persistence to organize and paying attention to detail makes Wedding Planning my natural habitat and my “Dream Job” since High School.

My graduate and post graduate studies were in Public Relations, studies that gave me the opportunity to work in the PR industry in the beginning of my working career. Although it was a field that I loved, the “Dream Job” I was still dreaming of, was keep making frequent reminders.

My love and passion for tailored events and the inspiration given by happy people who dare to dream, were the trigger for me to start my very own wedding planning office.

I believe in people’s chemistry and in positive energy. What I love the most, is when I make people open up and feel so comfortable with me that they want me by their side on their journey to their wedding day.

A few facts about me then

  • If I weren’t a wedding planner I would still be in the PR industry, I would probably be a baby sitter or a music teacher or have my own cosmetics line
  • I love to dance, and I dance everything in the same embarrassing way.
  • I love people who have a great taste of humor, especially when it’s black and self-ironic
  • I love everything clean and neat (Rumor has it that I have a compulsion for having everything in order)
  • I love flowers but somehow I manage to wither every single one of them, in just a couple of days
  • I love food. I mean I seriously love food.
  • I’m a shoe and bag addict.
  • I can’t live without music.
  • I’m *not so secretly * in love with Robbie Williams for 20 years.
  • I love Christmas and Santa -who is real by the way.
  • What makes my heart beat faster is grilled lamb chops.
  • My favorite drink of all times is Drambuie
  • “Lambada” and “Maracaibo” would definitely make it to my top 5 songs