What is a wedding planner? A wedding planner is a professional who ensures that your wedding day is going to be as imagined while eliminating any stress that most couples have throughout the process.
Why do I need a wedding planner? Because this is your day! In order for everything to flow as you've wished it did, you will need some professional guidance from someone who has the skills, knowledge, and the insight as well as the vendor relationships to carry it out.
Simply put, one of the most important things that a wedding planner can do for the bride and groom is provide them with peace of mind!
How can a wedding planner help with my budget? A wedding planner helps you get the most out of your budget while avoiding unnecessary expenses. By working closely together, he/she can identify which aspects of your wedding are the most important to you and guide you through. In this way you are not only saving money, but also time!
How do I know that Dreams in Style is a suitable Wedding Planning Agency for me? Before making any decision, you should make your research about a number of wedding planners. Since you are going to be spending a significant amount of time with the wedding planner of your choice, you should feel comfortable with him/her but also have the chemistry needed to take this journey together.
Are you doing destination weddings? Sure we do! We love destination weddings and the beautiful settings they provide.
I am not Greek, but I’m interested in getting married in Greece. Is that possible? Of course it is! Greece is a dream destination to get married and Greek people who are known for their hospitality are warm and welcome all weddings coming from abroad. All these factors make Greece a wedding-friendly country!
Can you handle a marriage where both the bride and the groom are coming from a different country than Greece? Sure we can! There have been a lot of instances where we have handled a marriage from abroad, doing either a civil or a religious ceremony. The most important aspect though, is the organization of all the paperwork needed for the marriage. However, there are different regulations depending on the nationality and the religion of the two parties, thus differentiating the paperwork accordingly . Dreams In Style will be happy to guide you through and assist you with all the documentation needed.
What are the services offered by Dreams in Style? Dreams in Style offers a wide range of services beginning from the design of the wedding and vendor relationships to the logistics and coordination of the actual day. On our first consultation we will guide you through our services in detail and depending on your needs you'll decide what suits you.
Of course we are always willing to discuss any special request of yours and help you experience the wedding of your dreams.
How soon should I book your services? The sooner the better. This happens in order to have plenty of time for thorough research as well as date commitment from the wedding planner. Ideally the planning starts 8-10 months prior but in case there is no such possibility, one can address a wedding planning agency at any moment. and during any stage of his/her wedding steps.
If I ask for your guidance on a short notice prior to my Wedding Day, could you help me? The term 'short notice' is something subjective, since people perceive
time in a different way. Thus, for someone a two month planning should be more than enough to make all the arrangements and for someone else an 8 month planning is hardly enough. No matter what's your ´short notice´, contact us and we will do the best we can do for you!
How do you charge? Since all of our proposals are tailored made , it all depends on the Dreams in Style services you're interested in.
Is there a charge for the initial consultation? Of course not! It is a chance to get to know you, discuss about your plans, your budget's range and the wedding style that you have in mind.
What is an estimated budget? Roughly speaking, for a wedding of 120 people you should have a minimum of €35.000.