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Meet Rosina

Getting to know new people, as well as my persistence to organize and paying attention to detail makes Wedding Planning my natural habitat.

After six years in the field of wedding services and being able to demonstrate and create a large portfolio of work, I can now say with great joy that I belong to the group of Certified Wedding Planners, Designers and Decorators.

I believe in people’s chemistry and in positive energy. What I love the most, though, is when I make people open up and feel so comfortable with me that they want me by their side on their journey to their wedding day.

Thank you for taking the time to know me!





Welcome to Dreams in Style, a full service Wedding Planning & Events Agency.
Our love and passion for tailored events and the inspiration given by happy people who dare to dream, create succesful events with life lasting memories.

The Greek country, and especially the Greek islands, is a perfect setting for beautiful and unique events and Dreams in Style is an Agency fully organised to cover weddings in the countryside.

We believe in chemistry and we love when people feel comfortable with us. We want to know all about you, your love story, your dreams, your dream wedding…

Sit back…relax… and enjoy your wedding day.

We are by your side, every step along the way!

We will be glad to be part of this unique day of your life and become the bridge between “will you marry me?” and “Happily ever after”

May 2009

I entered the wedding industry by working as a wedding coordinator for a big wedding planning agency in Athens

April 2014

I acquired my wedding planning, decoration and design accreditation

June 2014

Some of Dreams In Style’s wedding projects started being published in popular blogs and sites.

December 2014

Brides Magazine included Dreams In Style in the list of “25 Destination Wedding Planning Agencies”

September 2015

Our clientele is getting bigger and bigger and we are growing up!

September 2016

We are expanding! Our first wedding in Italy was magnificent!

Take a glimpse of our work!